Pullout Cages

Our extractable cage system is completely modular in height and length. If chosen as a set, each cage can be extracted individually to better view the occupant or simply to clean the cage and the wall supports supplied with the set of cages can also be used with our trolley leg kits while maintaining extractability of the cages unchanged. The "modularity" ensures that you can effectively exploit the available space by choosing the number of floors and pairing cages of different lengths of a given model, trying to occupy and optimize your breeding room as much as possible.

Born as carpenters, our cages were developed entirely in iron. They are sturdy, long-lasting and resistant. To preserve the product and guarantee its long life over time, all our material is galvanized and then powder painted.

With this process we coat the surfaces of our products, protecting them from corrosion. The powders are made to adhere and passed into the oven for fixing. This

system does not require solvents as in traditional spray painting.


If purchased in sets, our cages are available in 3 colours, white/blue, white/lime green, black/gloster green. Using our practical CONFIGURATOR that you find in the menu if you access from a PC or tablet, you can also choose between the paper or drawer cleaning system and add options and accessories to obtain a personalized quote and the design of your project!


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